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Estate Jewelry Appraisals & Appraisals of Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry and estate jewelry appraisalsSpecializing in  Appraisals for Jewelry Insurance & Estate Jewelry

Jewelry appraisals are needed for various reasons, including insurance replacement in case of damage or loss to your fine jewelry or estate jewelry appraisals for estate settlements. At Saettele Jewelers, we have our own in-house experienced jewelry appraiser who holds a graduate gemologist (GG) certificate from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is a certified gemologist (CG) by American Gem Society (AGS).


Update your Fine Jewelry & Gemstone Appraisals

Remember that values on fine jewelry, precious metals and gemstones do change over time. So be sure to inquire about updating your jewelry insurance appraisal documents on your fine jewelry every few years with the experts at Saettele Jewelers. Our experience, continuing education and knowledge of market updates assure you of receiving a comprehensive, accurate and professional jewelry insurance appraisal document.


The following Appraisal Services are available:


Estate Jewelry and Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

It’s not only new jewelry that needs to be professionally appraised. Your vintage and estate jewelry can benefit from an official estate jewelry appraisal as well. There are several different types of appraisals that can be conducted on your valuable items. One type is called a Replacement Value New appraisal. This report estimates the price you’d pay if you had to go in a retail store and purchase your exact jewelry item again.

For the estate and vintage jewelry that a client has, often a Resale Value appraisal is made. This document reports the current value of the estate item if it were to be resold to another willing party, whether a private individual or an estate jewelry reseller.

The appraiser takes into consider many factors when examining an estate piece. Fashion trends and market demand are certainly important to calculating its appropriate current value. But also one must take into consideration the overall condition of the piece and its quality of manufacture. Finally, the range of mark-ups in its appropriate market will come into play to determine the final estimated value placed on the item.

By learning more about these specific protocols, one can understand the difference between second market (Resale Value) and new (Replacement Value New) appraisals.


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